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Performance Facilities

The performance facilities at The Manchester Institute of Health & Performance have been specially designed support entire teams, training simultaneously, as well as individual athletes. We are unique as the only provider in the UK to be able to offer the entire suite of both performance and diagnostic facilities under one roof.

A variety of sporting requirements can be accommodated including; recovery days, rehabilitation programmes, performance programmes and routine medicals. Our facility has also been designed with the highest levels of accessibility with the latest para-sport enhancements.

Integrated training and laboratory facilities offer a superior performance environment for athletes of all levels and age ranges.


Our Performance Facilities

3D Performance Capture Hall

Our outstanding, purpose-built, 3D performance capture hall measures 1400m2; enabling simultaneous data acquisition and analysis of multiple sports. It features a 30 x 40m 3G area, incorporating force plates to track players movements and turn styles.

Alongside the pitch is 60 metre running track with further force plates and Qualisys tracking technology, making it possible for us to measure the position of athletes on the track with extremely high accuracy. This movement is then modelled onto the software allowing analysis and recommendations to be performed.

This cutting-edge software provides a huge opportunity for the development of innovative methods and techniques for improved performance results. All stored data is subject to the strictest security protocols and where required, encrypted data may be taken away for further analysis by the athlete’s own authorised personnel.



Environmental Chamber

The performance of all athletes, elite and amateur, can benefit from the simulation of different climates in our large environmental chamber. Both the ambient temperature (-20 to +50°C) and relative humidity (up to 95%) can be controlled between extreme ranges.

The chamber also creates hypoxic (low oxygen up to 5000 metres) conditions to simulate the effects of high altitude and enables the development new training strategies. We are proud that our chamber is one of the largest in the UK accommodating teams of up to 10 athletes at any one time. The chamber can be used empty or with our range of treadmills, bicycles and rowing machines, allowing teams to train together in their chosen condition. The chamber can be controlled through a touch screen just outside the room, allowing full site and control of the room at all times.


Strength & Conditioning Gym

Our large strength & conditioning gym measures 550m2 and is equipped with the very latest training equipment and digital monitoring technology. The gym is fully kitted out for Olympic weightlifting, fitted with reinforced steel floors and acoustically engineered to contain the noise free weight lifting can create. The gym also holds a range of high end equipment including monkey bars, treadmills, rowing machines, a full suite of assisted weights and a short running track with both astro and track surfaces.



Biomechanics Laboratory

The cutting-edge equipment in our bio-mechanics laboratory enables a vast range of assessments and techniques.

Digital video cameras and the latest motion analysis systems can athletes movement whilst on the treadmill frame by frame, our experienced team of performance lab technicians are able to deliver high quality analysis. Our system works using Quintic and Qualysis cameras and software to determine the movements of the athlete along with a 3D analyser, built bespoke for our facility.

Equipment in this lab includes;

Qualysis 3D Motion capture software
Bespoke Ergometer
HP Cosmos Treadmill
ADMI Force Plates


Biochemistry Laboratory

Our on-site biochemistry laboratory adjoins a large, well-equipped training laboratory for the most accurate and efficient results, and the utmost discretion.

Experienced laboratory technicians analyse blood, urine and tissue using a wide range of techniques, to assess endurance, performance and potential.

The bio-chemistry facilities at The Manchester Institute of Health & Performance will also support innovative research into public health challenges in the region.

Cognition Suite

The latest cognitive training technology at The Manchester Institute of Health & Performance complements our facilities for physical training.

Our sport-specific cognitive software can re-create scenarios to help athletes improve reaction times, spatial reasoning, focus and visualisation.

Completing a higher number of mental repetitions in a short period of time than is possible in physical training can optimise decision-making to improve performance.

All stored data is subject to the strictest security protocols and where required, encrypted data may be taken away for further analysis by the athlete’s own authorised personnel.


Private Changing and Consulting Areas

Elite athletes will access The Manchester Institute of Health & Performance building through a dedicated car park and private entrance, being able to proceed directly to the department they are visiting.

Discreet consulting areas are furnished to a high specification. There is also a separate athlete’s lounge with hospitality and TV, for those spending a longer period of time on the premises.

Well-appointed private changing facilities can accommodate a whole squad with flexible space to allow for para-athlete groups and wheelchairs. A separate fully-accessible changing room with shower and WC is also available.

Building: Manchester Insitute of Perfomance and Health (MIHP) Location: Beswick, Manchester Architect: AHR


The Manchester Institute of Health & Performance offers a large hydrotherapy suite. There are two pools at both warm and cold temperatures, both being able to hold up to 12 athletes at once. This is ideal for both group training and therapy sessions. Some of the benefits of Hydrotherapy include;

• Non weight bearing exercise
• Relief from pain, swelling and stiffness
• Promotion of relaxation
• Joint mobilisation
• Cardiovascular fitness (heart and lungs)
• Muscle strengthening, maintenance & restoration
• Increase in range of motion of affected joints
• Improved circulation

It is also the ideal environment for athletes who are on recovery and rest days. With the addition of our Sauna, we are able to offer a variety of recuperation environments.


At The Manchester Institute of Health & Performance, we have invested in the latest technology including three individual, air cooled, whole body, Cryotherapy units.

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) has been used in the treatment of various conditions including osteoarthritis, fibromyAlgia, and overloading changes in joints and soft tissues. A positive influence of cryotherapy has also been reported on mental health and sleep quality. Increasingly WBC has been used in sports science and medicine settings to enhance the recovery from training and competition. Research and the clinical application of WBC at the Manchester institute of health and performance will focus on gaining a greater understanding of the physiological mechanisms involved in WBC and its application to a variety of populations.

The Manchester Institute of Health & Performance is one of the few centres offering cutting-edge full-body Cryotherapy pods. We have three individual Cryotherapy pods available which are air cooled, single user, complete whole body Cryotherapy solutions, cooling to temperatures of up to -120 degrees Celsius for a maximum treatment time of two and a half minutes.

Physiology Laboratory

At The Manchester Institute of Health & Performance, we have the latest technology in our two Physiology labs, enabling a vast range of assessments to be undertaken.

Working with either your own team or our highly skilled physiology technical team you can perform a range of different physiological cycling & treadmill assessments, hydration and sweat analysis as well as blood analysis using our highly specialised desktop and portable equipment encompassed within these labs.


Equipment included in the labs are;

  • 4 SRM bikes
  • 2 Vyntus CPX
  • Lode Excalibur
  • Cycle Ergometer
  • 2 HP Cosmos Treadmills
  • Blood Analysis Machines
  • Hydration and sweat analysis
  • Rowing Machine


Our spacious physiotherapy suites and consultation rooms are purpose-built. Each is fitted out with the latest facilities to support assessment, treatment or rehabilitation.

We boast a rehabilitation gym, housing Isokinetic Dynamometry, an Anit-Gravity treadmill, Recliners and Power Plates, as well as a full treatment suite housing seven treatment beds, giving physiotherapists the flexibility to treat teams together or as individuals.




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