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Cardiac Screening

Cardiac screening plays a crucial role in sports medicine, regularly monitoring well-being and can help to identify if an athlete has an undiagnosed heart condition. The process is highly valued and becoming compulsory in many competitive events. Every player in the Premier League or any UEFA competition must have undergone recent cardiac screening as part of their medical assessments.


Our cardiac screening services


Cardiac problems are rare but when they occur can be devastating, affecting even those considered fit and well. In many countries, young people participating in sport at any level routinely undergo cardiac screening.

An electrocardiogram (ECG) analyses the electrical activity of the heart to diagnose abnormalities. Measurements are taken from electrical leads taped to the legs, arms and chest.

The Manchester Institute of Health & Performance provides superior ECG facilities, delivering advanced cardiac capabilities with new levels of speed and accuracy. Innovative algorithms identify critical values and offer the latest risk stratification and triaging tools.

Screening facilities can be accessed at the direction of our consultant cardiologists or independently through an athlete’s own medical team.



An echocardiogram (echo) uses ultrasound waves to produce moving, real-time images that show the structure of the heart. It can detect inherited conditions and is also useful for people whose ECG suggests further investigation is needed. The procedure is safe and painless for patients requiring and is a non-invasive test.

At The Manchester Institute of Health & Performance, echocardiograms are performed by consultant cardiologists and experienced sonographers. Our consultants will provide swift, expert reporting to meet the requirements of international sporting bodies.



Exercise ECG

Our Exercise ECGs (electrocardiograms) are synchronised with the latest digital stress testing treadmills and e-bikes.

Cutting-edge software gives advanced analysis of risk prediction, functional response and ischemia. Blood pressure and SpO2 are automatically recorded, and unique algorithms provide clinicians with additional insights to make better training and treatment decisions.


The ECG exercise equipment is suitable for elite, amateur and para-elite athletes. The ebike’s ergonomic design offers a seating position suitable for all body types, and allows for easy mounting and dismounting. The digital treadmill features full front and side handrails.


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