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Cutting edge medical diagnostics are key to delivering a comprehensive service and we are proud of our excellent facilities. Clients can undergo a range of scanning procedures, clinical monitoring, and pathology tests onsite, without having to wait for referral to another location.

The service enables our experts to make a rapid assessment and begin planning treatment, performance and rehabilitation plans immediately.

All of our diagnostics are supported by leading consultants in each field.

Our diagnostic services

Medical imaging

Medical imaging enables swift diagnosis and early treatment, reducing the impact of many sporting injuries.

It is a continually developing field, driven by rapid advances in technology.

Our impressive range of imaging facilities includes:

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Cardiac screening

ECGCardiac screening has a crucial place in sports medicine, regularly monitoring wellbeing and reducing the risk that an athlete has an undiagnosed heart condition. The process is highly valued and becoming compulsory in many competitive events. Every player in the Premier League or any UEFA competition must have undergone recent cardiac screening as part of their medical screening assessments.

Cardiac screening we offer includes:

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Our confidential pathology services give a rich insight into each individual’s wellbeing and performance potential.

Blood is tested on-site, as part of a fully-integrated service for both elite athletes and private clients, to speed recovery and optimise training programmes.

To book a consultation call 0161 641 8300 or email enquiries@mihp.co.uk

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