FAQ's for our Triathlete Packages

Why is DEXA important?

High levels of body fat and muscle mass can negatively affect performance in all areas of triathlete activity. The heavier the weight being carried over the specified distances and hills, the harder the body will have to work to cope with the specified activity. Analysing this element of performance is a critical element of baseline screening. It will ensure you are within the normal ranges for triathletes of your age, height and performance category, whilst ensuring you are constantly at a healthy and optimal weight for performance.

Why is Single & Double leg strength important for triathletes

Triathletes require good levels of leg strength as this can impact on their strength/power ratio. This can impact spring performance and hill climb performance on the bike. Additionally triathletes may have strength imbalances stemming from previous injuries or conditioning effects. This assessment will assess and establish if you require any further strength and conditioning programme specific to any imbalances identified during this assessment. As race tempo increases, the requirement for great force production is increase. This assessment can provide a good grounding for a conditioning programme.

Why is lactate profile assessment important?

This test is a progressive assessment to establish how a triathlete’s body responds to different intensities. The response to exercise is quantified by 2 different parameters during this assessment. This is heart rate response to exercise and blood lactate response to exercise. This is either assessed during different running speeds or cycling power outputs. Depending on which packages is chosen, depends on the protocols adopted. Should you choose to have both cycling and running profiles assessed they will be a week apart. During the experience we take a 30 micro litre sample either from the earlobe or fingertip, the preference is entirely your own.

From the assessment you will be providing with structured heart rate training zone programme correlating to those individualised heart rate zones at the different speed and power intensity’s. This is specific to the gold standard performance, excluding the error with the algorithm 220-age.

Aerobic Capacity (Vo2max) Why is this important?

This involves connecting the athlete to a gas analysis system that will calculate how much oxygen the body can extract and use during exercise.

The higher these levels are the more a triathlete is suited to longer triathlon events whilst those with lower values will be more suited to mini triathlon and half iron man events. Tracking levels will allow triathletes to evaluate the effectiveness of their training. This part of the test requires individuals to push themselves to the point of fatigue and we only conduct this element with fit and healthy individuals.

Running Economy Why is this important?

The results from this stage of the assessment will also be used to assess running economy. This is a measure of how efficiently an athlete can run at different sub-maximal exercise intensities.

Triathletes with good running economy will use less oxygen at a given exercise intensity. The analysis will highlight the runners’ most economical running speed and this information can be considered in establishing appropriate pacing strategies.

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